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2021...Ready set go!

What a better way to start the New Year off than full force. Let’s build a website! Its a working progress so please be patient as I work through all of the kinks :)

Over the past year I’ve listened to customers, friends and family. I knew it was time to become a part of the online world, and not just on Facebook. I never liked my answer when people would ask “do you have a website?”, or “I‘m not on Facebook so how do I find out more information or see up to date pictures?”. Ready set go....let’s do this!

So that is how we got to where we are website!

Now, this isn’t your “usual” retail business website. You won’t see a little shopping cart symbol at the top right corner, or a page with all of our products displayed with prices. Unfortunately, for those that enjoy and are more comfortable with the online shopping experience, we are unable to offer that to you 😞 being we don’t stock large quantities of one product (kind of makes your purchases a little unique), and not to mention the inability to track stock availability, plus having time to fulfill online orders, we knew this wasn’t the route we could take.

We also love the visits, the friendships we‘re making along the way and our store, we believe, needs to be experienced in person.

So even though we aren’t your usual online shopping website, we hope you’ll continue to connect with us online...check out up to date photos, read a few posts, and you might even come across announcements once in awhile about some new crazy ideas my husband and I decided to add to our adventure 🤪😉

As always, we thank you for your support and look forward to what’s in store for Tree House Treasures in 2021


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